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The power of taking care of you......

Friday 11th February 2021

Today I had my first session with ”The Impact Guru“ Esther, something I have committed to for me. I have not discussed it with anyone, just decided that this is work I have been needing to do for a long time. My career has always been around caring for others, being a mum also involves muchous caring so why should it be so difficult to make an investment in me.

After a bright start (due to a left in hair roller) Esther highlighted some things about me that my future audience might like to hear. I felt a real sense of “wow - I can actually do this” we closed the session with some action points, but what happened next? I noticed a light feeling and a sense of pride as I took the puppy for a walk and then idea’s started forming in my head (Made a change from the endless to do lists). I also had a real connection with my imposter syndrome and how as much as it tries to help it really does get in the way of me doing what I am so capable of doing.

Later that evening carrying all these feelings I climbed up Dougle’s hill to admire spectacular views and watch the most spectacular sunset. I embraced the strong and capable woman I know I am and felt “on top of the world....this is what happens when we take care of you.

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