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Chill To Brill....What do you do to connect with your values?

Living my life in clear sight my values matters to me!

Life sure as hell is uncertain and often challenging but I try and live more from my heart and less from my head. Accepting that in order to be adventurous, strong, courageous and bold in my actions means that unpleasant experiences may arise. Connecting with the world around me serves as a reminder that I am part of something way bigger than my own experiences and keeps me on track (some of the time).

Moving from Edinburgh to a remote village in NW Highland‘s of Scotland in the middle of the coronavirus pandemic was a challenge, life is on hold. Without any effort a group of likeminded fierce and fabulous women met at a local early morning yoga class (pre 2nd lockdown) and magic happened. Every morning for the past few months, when the alarm goes off despite it being cold (freezing) and dark. I get up, pull on some warm, easy to "put on in a hurry" clothes and make my way down through the village to the woods to the secluded white shore.

Cautiously undressing next to the rock where the freezing wind chill brings to mind some familiar thoughts “what the hell are you doing” “you could have stayed in bed, you have a busy day ahead” but knowing what's ahead I keep going. One foot, then the other into freezing cold water. The urge to just walk back out is very present “who in their right mind”. The icy cold sea water shocks my body and the thoughts shout "you don't need to do this" and I want to stop but, I take a nice slow breath in look ahead at the beautiful pink sky, the snow on the hills or the morning fishing boats heading out to sea for their daily catch. I breath a longer more mindful breath, tell myself "you've got this" and slowly glide in. Connecting with something much bigger than my experience, an eco system, something to nurture, and it feels exhilarating.

A really pleasant tingling sensation surrounds my body accompanied by a real sense of pride, for willingly putting myself in the North Sea. On the more challenging days I discovered that singing 80s pop classic‘s helps. I stay in just until my neoprene glove covered hands begin to feel that "funny" way, sometimes not very long at all. As I leave the water and my whole body as red as a lobster🦞 (must be good for the circulation) I notice I am smiling it feels brilliant! and so worth the effort.

Ready to take on the day and the challenges ahead feeling pleased with myself for showing up. Even on the most bitterly cold days I have NEVER regretted a swim but, I have and do often regret pressing snooze on my alarm and scrolling mindlessly on my phone. These cold plunges into the North sea illustrate that there are actions we can take towards being the person we want to be. If my anxious mind had it‘s way I would off course have more comfortable and less challenging mornings BUT, I would never have these exhilarating experiences.

In order to feel BRILL just go ahead feel the chill.....

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